• Billionaire Divorce Settlements
  • Billionaire Divorce Settlements
  • Billionaire Divorce Settlements
  • Billionaire Divorce Settlements

Billionaire Divorce Settlements

The life of a Billionaire has many high points but when the marriage doesn’t work it can be very costly. What’s important is the fact that these guys have the cash to pay and continue on with life. Here is a small list.

1. Rupert and Anna Murdoch – $1.7 billion

Rupert married Anna in the 1960s, remaining together for 32 years, three children and a wonderful friendship. They split amicably in 1998. The divorce was finalized in June 1999 when he agreed to $1.7 billion. 17 days later he married Wendi Deng who recently he divorced for having an affair with former Brittish Prime Minister Tony Blair.

2. Roman and Irina Abramovich : $300 million

Mrs Abramovich settled for $300m (£155m).The figure included the value of homes in Britain and Moscow, as well as a yacht and private plane.

3. Michael and Juanita Jordan: $168 million

The most expensive celebrity divorce in history. The former Chicago Bulls basketball superstar married Juanita Vanoy in 1989. They divorced in 2007. The marriage had shown signs of trouble in the past with Juanita filing for divorce in 2002, although they announced a reconciliation. Since then Mr. Jordan has continued his successful business dealing all the way to Billionaire status.

4. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving : $100 million

Amy Irving claim to fame in 1976 when she played the lone teen survivor in the movie Carrie. The pair married in 1985, but ended the marriage in 1989. He gave Irving, the mother of their son Max $100 million in cash.

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