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  • Rick Hendrick

Rick Hendrick

Born July 12, 1949 on his family’s farm near Warrenton, North Carolina, Rick Hendrick showed an early interest in automobiles and auto racing. At the age of only 14 Hendrick began drag racing in a 1931 Chevrolet that he built himself, and two years later won his division in the Chrysler-Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest. By 1976, Hendrick — only 23 — had become the nation’s youngest owner of a Chevrolet dealership. Over the course of the following decades, Hendrick has continued to expand his business from the single Chevrolet dealership he opened in 1976 to the 80 dealerships and over 6,000 employees that are now a part of the Hendrick Automotive Group. Around the time that Hendrick established his first dealership, he also founded a drag boat racing team, which went on to win 3 consecutive championships and set a world record in speedboat racing, achieving a speed of 222 mph. In 1984, Hendrick founded Hendrick Motorsports (originally named All-Star Racing), a team that has gone on to field 15 Drivers’ championships and 257 individual race wins. In addition to his entrepreneurial and team-owning successes, Hendrick continued to compete in races during the 1980s, driving in two Winston Cup Series races, one in 1987 and one in 1988. Hendrick is also widely known in popular culture for his $32 million, 164-foot superyacht, “Wheels.”

Image Sources: Beelde Photography / Shutterstock.com, Action Sports Photography / Shutterstock.com

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