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What do you want people to know about Nigel’s Good Food?
Nigel’s Good Food was founded and opened to provide it’s consumers with a LowCountry experience by making food the old school way – like it used to be. Chef Nigel adds his personal touch to traditional dishes and also has some signature, unique menu items on the menu that display his take on food of the LowCountry. He compliments flavors with his own techniques to make food like he grew up on in Charleston eating from his mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
 Nigel’s Geechie Sauce is very popular .. What made you create your signature sauce?
Geechie Sauce is our signature wing sauce. Although it has multiple usage, we made the sauce to create our version of buffalo/hot wings. From the name to the flavor, we wanted to represent Charleston and the LowCountry.
What advice would you give chefs coming into the food industry ?
Learn and know the basics. Get as much experience as possible from the dish room to leading the kitchen. Be in no hurry to know it all; pay attention as you expose yourself to as much as possible and work.
Have you thought about opening a Nigel’s Good Food in Charlotte?
We think of opening Nigel’s Good Food location all over. In acting how we’d advise others, we are taking things one step at a time to assure the success of expansion for our patrons and supporters.

Nigel’s Location:
3760 Ashley Phosphate Rd.
N. Charleston,SC 29418

Nigel’s Kevin Singleton



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