Want to create your own website? How about creating your own app?  Interested in starting a programming business?  Then it is time for you to learn about coding.  Coding is the process of writing a program using coding languages such as HTML, Java, and JavaScript.  There has been a huge push in education to increase the enrollment in Advanced Placement classes in high schools in the area of computer sciences and in college in the area of computer programming to meet the high demand for the ever-growing career field.  According to, computer science is a top paying college degree and computer programming jobs are growing at 2x the national average.  Additionally, of the 0.7% of students in AP Computer Science in high school, only 15% are women and 8% are Hispanic Americans or African Americans.

So what can you do?  Begin by researching websites such as,, and for resources, activities, and research about coding as well as careers in coding.  Participate in activities such as Hour of Code, sponsored by, to gain coding skills.  Talk to your middle school counselor about honors class placement as well as high school counselors about Advanced Placement classes in areas such as computer science in preparation for college.   Participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes/programs in your school and/or school district.

Let your creativity soar! Code!




Fredericka L. Green is a middle school assistant principal.

You can follow her on twitter @thetravelingap.

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